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Jobs North East is the recruitment website from ncjMedia and GMC, helping jobseekers across the North East to find their ideal job. Users can search for vacancies, browse employers and recruitment agencies, giving them the best opportunity to find their next job.

Unique User 96,113

Page Impressions 1,482,815

Omniture February 2010

168,000 adults in the North East turn to when looking for a new job, demonstrating the brand's strength across the region. Users demographics

Internet-Savvy Users

More than one in three users have clicked through to an online advertisement, demonstrating that users are receptive to effective online advertising.


Our Recruitment Service


Custom made solutions for your advertising needs, we can provide you with the ability to either target specific towns or the entire North East region.

Advertising Opportunities offers a range of targeted advertsing opportunities, including listings, online display advertising, company profiles and sponsorship.

Highly Targeted

Adverts can be contextualised by industry, location and key word, meaning you can place highly targeted adverts reaching only the most relevant candidates.

Full Service

We aim to help you through each step of your recruitment process and can assist you in media scheduling and booking, creative and CV. screening

To advertise with please contact us.

The Virtual Fair in 2008 looks to reach jobseekers in new and innovative methods and in 2008 the region's first Vrtual Jobs Fair was launched on the site. The Virtual Fair used the latest technology to help recruiters fill their vacancies without the investment in time a traditional recruitment fair demands. With the options to advertise vacancies, link through to their own site and provide a bit of background on the company, the Virtual Fair helped recruiters reach 24/7 and across the region.

AARON 2008 Digital Audience Research, Survey Interactive, Websites turn to

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